Then: The short of it is that I am from small-town eastern Iowa where I have more aunts and uncles than kids in my high school graduation class. It was eastern Iowa where I was taught my parents’ work ethic and had my first job detasseling corn (Google it). Small towns lead to small town fame, and I was proudly the star in our school play “Pretty Pink Princess”, President of the 4-H club, and the runner-up Jackson County Fair Queen. This fame was soon forgotten as I made my way to the “big” city of Ames, Iowa and home of Iowa State University. While at Iowa State, I transformed my interest in bright 60s art (think Peter Max) to a passion of professional design and photography. My four years of college consisted of all normal college things: campus clubs, classes, friends and late nights, until I decided that the only thing Iowa State was lacking was a good cup of cappuccino.
 So, I set off to Rome for a semester in hopes of new adventure, good design and even better food. To sum up the semester abroad, I tripped a lot, fell in love with red wine, experimented within my design style and learned more about art, design and inspiration than I thought possible.

Now: I’m a twenty-something living in Seattle, while my 89-year-old grandma emails me regularly to remind me that I live the farthest away from home of all the grandkids. But it is in Seattle where I am finding my place, spending my days at a small marketing firm and my evenings/weekends with my rocket scientist of a boyfriend exploring the Pacific Northwest, watching Netflix in our pajamas, and fighting over the d├ęcor of our apartment (including a much wanted cat on my end).

What It Boils Down To: I am very passionate about design and illustration and am known for my hardworking attitude, self-motivation, and time management skills. I take pride in every project and task that I work on, and I am always willing to go the extra mile while ready for any new adventure.

If you have questions, want to work together or are looking for a good chat email me at amylschwager@gmail.com. I am available for freelance design and custom illustrations.


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