Matt secretly snapped this photo of me working the other night, and it came at the perfect time. I have been feeling a little guilty for neglecting Matt lately. I don't know how he deals with the (small) apartment being covered in my art supplies, that the perfect light has me always blocking the TV, that I need him to make me dinner for the 23944823 night in a row because I'm right in the middle of a breakthrough, that I've rescheduled date night 4 times this week and that sometimes I'm so engrossed in my work I forget to forget to listen when he's talking to me. Then he interrupted me, grinning with pride to show me the photo and says "you're really freaking cool", and I know he's my biggest fan.

And I promise I will clean the apartment soon, real soon. I just need to finish one last thing (or maybe three).

(PSA: You know that feeling when you see all those perfectly arranged Instagram and Pinterest photos and think, why can't my life look like a page out of a magazine? A little secret, above is what that beautiful photo looks like in real life.)


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