Currently I am loving getting my Seattle Magazine in the mail each month, it is filled with food, hiking, fashion and culture recommendations. I've learned about so many different events and companies that have become my favorite.

The May issue comes with advice to check out the Seattle shoe company Grey City. It was love at first sight. Their fun and wearable shoes make you leave wanting more and I can't wait to see them grow.



During the #amyandmattdrivethepacificcoast road trip (check out photos here and here) we listened to the X Ambassadors son, Renegades about 34507893458 times. It is my current anthem and theme song, take a listen below!




We had the best strawberries from a roadside stand during our drive down the Pacific Coast, so naturally I needed to make an adorable print. It is now available on Society 6, the phone case is to die for!

Matt and I had an amazing adventure, we had mostly good weather and saw so many different things. My favorite part was definitely the drive through the red wood trees; music up, sun shinning, windows down. We drove 1,541 miles and saw billions of stars, listened to hundreds of songs, wine-tasted, camped, got lost, roasted marshmallows and it was the best week ever.  Check out all of our photos here, and my favorites after the jump. 



Hey there! Sorry for the radio silence for the last few weeks! It has been craziness with finishing up my current job (tomorrow is my last day!), planing for the new one, birthdays and now a big road trip. Matt and I are camping down Highway 1 for a week, starting Saturday! We will be renting a car and making our way to LA, where we will hop on a plane back to Seattle. I can't wait for the open road, getting lost, drinking too much wine and s'mores.

Follow along on our adventure on Matt's Instagram and mine! (I promise you there will be an overload of grams.)

Above print available on Society 6.

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