Hey yo! Sorry for the totally awkward silence this week, it has been craziness around here! My younger (but so not little) bro Nick was in town all week, and somehow, him and Matt talked me into a 3 night trip hiking and backpacking through Rainer. I survived with about 130494385024975 bug bites and just as many photos. (There was also a bear in our camp, but ya know wilderness and all, so no big deal.) If you don't follow along on Instagram (you probably should), but check out a few snaps of the weekend here, here, here and here.

This week's secret comes from a moment when I had a little freak out on the above mentioned trip. Let's just say there was some nasty looks towards Matt when he tried to get me to hike into the pitch black night. Luckily I had a pink headlight (that was of course a bribe to get me to go on the trip).

Make sure to check out more of Shh, The Secrets Series here. And I promise there are some amazing things in the works. Below is a little sneak peek, it's gonna be rad.


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