As of this wonderfully partly sunny Seattle Thursday, I present to you my new (hopefully) weekly project. Every Thursday I will be posting a secret, oddity, something we all do but don't talk about, embarrassing thing that happened this week, or a personal view into my own little weird life.

It all started a few years ago when I was a senior in college. I always knew I was weird, who isn't, but it wasn't until one particular night that I realized other people thought so too. Amidst a makeshift dance floor in our apartment, a good friend proclaimed that she was going to miss me not being around the next year because I was "the weirdest person" she knew. (Here I had thought she was weird, but that is besides the point).

Fast-foward two years to last week… During a lunchtime run I was yet again worrying about whether or not I left my unmentionables on the office bathroom floor after I changed into running shorts. I then produced a rather long and awkward scenario in my head about how I would deny said underwear was mine. (Don't worry, they were neatly tucked into my gym bag.) So, this is me, admitting to the fact that I am a nervous wreck about misplacing my underwear in awkward places… Then it hit me, I really am one weird person, we are all just weird people just trying to blend into the world. And from that I thought there was no better way to share these funny secrets than to illustrate them, also, painted underwear is adorable.

Stay tuned next week where I admit to stealing something. Oops!


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