You know when it's Friday after work and you feel gross from bagel Friday (because you had 2 with extra cream cheese), and you're already running 20 minutes late for this party you don't feel like going to anyway? Then you jump out of the shower and tear apart your entire closet trying on everything you own because yet again you have nothing to wear… Finally you find something that doesn't make you look like a beached whale. Success!

Enter Saturday night. You already spent most of the day putting your closet back together, suddenly it's time to hit the shower and for another night out… And well, you didn't post any instagram pics last night, so no one will notice if you wear the same thing agin. Plus it already smells like bar so no reason to get anything else dirty, and you know it doesn't make you look like a beached whale.

Don't fix it if it ain't broke… Pick up the outfit from bathroom floor and run out the door. (Double-check you didn't spill guac on it last night).


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