Let's have a little chat about Pinterest. The best/worst thing to happen to women today. Who wouldn't love a place to organize ideas, DIYs and just pretty photos. The thing is, I find myself scrolling and scrolling, pinning and pinning, comparing and comparing…

Then it's time to plan a wedding, decorate your apartment, bake an adorable 7 layer rainbow cake or just get dressed in the morning, and we expect it to be perfect like the things we pin. Well, your home is a mess and your throw pillows don't match, the wedding you spent a year planning won't look like your wedding board (like the time my sister got married and the night before I was still up chalkboarding signs while swearing at Pinterest), and the rainbow cake might be crooked.

I'll probably never purchase a dress like this or be cool enough to have a place to wear it, instead I take inspiration from the pin in the best way I know how, painting. Use your pins for what they are instead of comparing yourself to a photo that was professionally styled and photographed, it just isn't real life!!

So keep on pinning, but don't forget crooked rainbow cakes taste better anyway.


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