Hi there, and welcome to work play blog. Before blogging was ever a thing, I was an awkward teenager typing out my stories and ideas and hiding the scraps of printed paper in-between my dresser drawers. I have always enjoyed typing up a good thought, and even though I did not become a writer I wanted a place to share my talents, ideas, inspiration, ramblings and adventures.

I was going to title this space “I am always hungry”, but I figured no one needs to read a story about the pizza I ate last night (maybe the night before too). Once I got pizza out of my head, work play blog came to mind. I have shaped my life off work hard, play hard, which was drilled into my brain at a young age, and I like to think that it shapes who I am and how I live each day.

So, I hope you enjoy the journey that is sure to be in store!

Woot woot!


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